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Welcome to King of Pianos interactive exercises!


Start by choosing a specific exercise – notes, chords, rhythm or interval – all the ear trainings are integrated into the exercises. Each exercise will open as separate pop-up window. You can use the exercises in parallel with, and independent of, each other.

The exercises are currently divided into four classes (1-2-3-4) with escalating levels of difficulty.
Are you new to a particular practice you start in Class 1, which contains many simple and useful exercises.

Class 4, which we also call The Masterclass, is definitely the hardest. This requires full-fledged theory of knowledge and that you are approved in class 1-3.

Class 1 is free to all registered members.
Would you like to have full access to all the classes you need a premium membership.

Keep track of your progress in my account!
When you complete a class, regardless of exercise, you will receive a trophy.
When you have completed all the classes (1-3) in an exercise, you get a diploma that you can print. This is a testament to your skills.
After taking a diploma in all exercises you unlock Class 4 (The Masterclass).

What will I get when I passed Masterclass-level?

Exclusive opportunity to download backing tracks to some of Robert Wells’s best-known hits.
An exclusive and signed certificate of Master Wells himself.
And more will come…